In the name of the owner of wisdom and life

Adib Boroumand international poet

Adib Boroumand Cultural Center

Love of home and depending on it is one of the holy instincts of mankind. Even other creatures have the same instinct and are interested in their own home or nest.
Every honest man tries to increase this love in his heart and multiply this interest because he himself and his ancestors are indebted to the blessing of the water and the earth that they have used and benefited

It is far from humanity for a man if he doesn't think about the benefits and interests of his country and doesn't try to serve it.
Believing this essential I have tried to write about Iran, freedom and to serve the culture, literature and entirety of this land by soul since I was young. I was not satisfied by these activities so I tried to accompany my words with my deeds and I have fought against aggressors with capitalistic policies to the right of our society, and national benefits. My witness to this claim is my life's report card, literary works, poems and literary researches that have been printed and have been presented to my dear compatriots. More than general duties that I have done for Iran I have thought to do something for my first birthplace that I have sweet memories when I was a child and youth. So that I have established a school of art in my birthplace, by the help of God, it is four years that it works. And by the discretion of honest members of the town it was named Adib Broomand Art School.

My wish and hope by establishing this art school was to promote the level of culture and knowledge of Gaz’s people and guiding the talented youths in learning national arts and necessary knowledge that they need today and to avoid harmful hobbies and unhealthy recreations. Fortunately; we see a great welcome of this art school every day. In this art school that has been established since 2001, hundred students have studied music, calligraphy, designing, reading Koran and computer and have enjoyed studying in its library. This art school is located in (Barkhor- Esfahan) in an area of 3400 square meters. In the north part of this area there is a big saloon decorated with plaster-molding and an alcove with two closets. Then in the two parts of that two arches which are alike and connected to each other. In the east part there is a big pool house (a house that there is a pool in the middle of it) and a small butler pantry; then in the west part there is a big room with two small rooms.

Beside this in the west part of this area there is a corridor that leads to a basement and it is used as Barkhor’s anthropology museum. In the yard of the house there is a blue pool, stoney around that is built in middle of the building in front of the saloon and its water runs towards south through a stairy blue brook with several fountains.
This house was built by the late Haj Mohammad Ali Khan, the great House of Broomand, hundred and thirty years ago. Then he conveyed it to the late Ostad Heydar Ali Khan Broomand, his own nephew (brother’s son). Then Ostad conveyed this house to his grandson Mr. Amir Homayoon Broomand while he was alive.
I bought the house from Mr Amir Homayoon Broomand to establish the art school then conveyed half of it to him (Amir Homayoon Broomand) to supervise the current works of the art school in future, because he is very younger than I am.

Fortunately, with the invention of computer and internet the connection of science with culture and education has been possible and has miraculously increased in our time; so we allocated an internet site for the art school and by the help of God this site by the name of Adib Broomand Cultural and Art school foundation was inaugurated to reflex all news and activities of art school and useful subjects that is found out at the result of studying and controversies in the classes or library and whatever is related with Adib Broomand cultural foundation.
Of course there is no objection to reflect the important subjects such as social and historical matters related to Gaz in this site of art school. Barkhor’s anthropology in this art school was established by Mr. Majid Frootan’s effort that he is one of lightened and learned men who is interested in development of their birthplace and the exhibition some of compiled things in this site.
I hope these services, that without any expectation from my dear fellow citizens and except protecting this school against inopportune interfere of unholy people, has been done I have tried to make this art school by connecting scientific and cultural centers whether inside or outside, develop.